Videodrone 20 – The Interview Hysteria

This fall Sony Pictures became the victims of an elaborate and still unfolding hacking attack In what will probably be the biggest event of movie history for years to come.

From leaked (and bluntly honest) emails, salaries, employee personal information, all the way to The Interview being pulled from theatrical release, in this episode we discuss the impact of this story as well as the role Tulsa’s own Circle Cinema played in getting the film finally released theatrically.

Videodrone 19 – Faith Based Cinema

This week we are joined by film critic Jeff Huston to discuss the rising genre of faith-based films. From Left Behind, God’s Not Dead, Heaven is For Real to Exodus, Noah and The Good Lie, we explore the good and the (copious) bad films the genre has to offer.

We also discuss an article Mr. Huston wrote discussing the reboot of Left Behind and the narrative adaptation of the story of Sudanese Lost Boys, The Good Lie starring Reese Witherspoon.…aith-film/34331

Videodrone 18 – Interstellar w/Jeff Huston

We welcome guest critic Jeff Huston to discuss Christopher Nolan’s new, highly anticipated film starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain.

In a near-future earth, with food in short supply and rapidly running out, a team of physicists and their pilot attempt to travel through a mysterious wormhole in search of hope in a distant galaxy where there may be habitable planets that could save the future of mankind.


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Videodrone 17 – Heather Langenkamp

On November 8th Circle Cinema held a special 30th anniversary screening of A Nightmare On Elm Street, with special guests Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp in attendance. Ms. Langenkamp was gracious enough to sit down with Josh, Joe, Chuck and Charles and discuss the legacy of A Nightmare on Elm Street, her experiences at Conventions, Horror film fans, and her career off-camera.

Videodrone 21 & 22 – Year End Review Two-Parter

2014 was quite the interesting year for film. Marvel had box office boons with Captain America 2: The winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, while indie far continued to find a home with breakout films like Boyhood and whiplash. In the following episodes of VideodroneTulsa, we discuss our favorite films of 2014.

When we recorded this episode it managed to clock in at over 2 hours, so we’re breaking it up into two parts. Part 1 is Josh and Joe’s favorite films and honorable mentions and Part 2: Charles and Chuck’s favorites of 2014. Plus, Chuck tells us some of the hilarious mispronounced film titles from the Circle Cinema box office this year.

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Part 1:


Part 2:

VideodroneTulsa Halloween Episode!

This week, our hosts, Charles, Josh, Chuck & Joe, gather around the campfire, look around and, with hushed voices, lean in to share their favorite spooky story. They also share some of their favorite films that have left them terrified. From John Carpenter’s The Thing to Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, this weeks episode will give you the willies and might leave you considering keeping the lights on when it’s over.



Videodrone Episode 13 – James Ellroy

In this special Episode, we sit down with Novelist James Ellroy to discuss his newest book Perfidia. in this candid interview Mr. Ellroy share’s his writing habit, where Perfidia fits in the chronology of his novels as well as his thoughts on film adaptations of his work. All while the Videodrone team try not to shit themselves.

Here are some photo highlights from the interview and book event.

James Ellroy and Videodrone crew.
The Videodrone Crew and James Ellroy post interview.
James Ellroy at Booksmart Tulsa event.
James Ellroy regales the Booksmart Tulsa audience describing how Tulsa can put itself on the map by buying 3,000 copies of his new novel Perfidia.
Circle Cinema's Chuck Foxen listens as novelist James Ellroy describes his new book; Perfidia
Circle Cinema’s Chuck Foxen listens as novelist James Ellroy describes his new book; Perfidia


Videodrone Episode 12 – Nymphomaniac & Wetlands

On this week’s Videodrone Tulsa podcast special guest Claire Edwards joins us to discuss feminism, female archetypes in hollywood, Lars Von Trier’s controversial Nymphomaniac 1 & 2 and the equally controversial Wetlands, which will be coming to Tulsa’s Circle Cinema November 14 & 15.

It will be a lively discussion, lines will be crossed, taboos pierced and drinks had. So queue us up, download us and enjoy.

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Show Notes

Videodrone Episode 11 – Zero Twins

This week’s episode, the Videodrone Crew sit down to discuss Terry Gilliam’s latest sic-fi allegory The Zero Theorem and fall down a rabbit-hole of movie showtime ignorance. Then they discuss Craig Johnson’s new film The Skeleton Twins, starring Kristin Wiig and Tulsa’s own Bill Hader Jr. in his first dramatic starring role.

The Zero Theorem is currently showing at The Circle Cinema

The Skeleton Twins opens at The Circle on September 26th.


Open: 00:30
The Zero Theorem: 01:10
Skeleton Twins: 36:28