VideodroneTulsa Halloween Episode!

This week, our hosts, Charles, Josh, Chuck & Joe, gather around the campfire, look around and, with hushed voices, lean in to share their favorite spooky story. They also share some of their favorite films that have left them terrified. From John Carpenter’s The Thing to Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, this weeks episode will give you the willies and might leave you considering keeping the lights on when it’s over.



Videodrone Episode 13 – James Ellroy

In this special Episode, we sit down with Novelist James Ellroy to discuss his newest book Perfidia. in this candid interview Mr. Ellroy share’s his writing habit, where Perfidia fits in the chronology of his novels as well as his thoughts on film adaptations of his work. All while the Videodrone team try not to shit themselves.

Here are some photo highlights from the interview and book event.

James Ellroy and Videodrone crew.
The Videodrone Crew and James Ellroy post interview.
James Ellroy at Booksmart Tulsa event.
James Ellroy regales the Booksmart Tulsa audience describing how Tulsa can put itself on the map by buying 3,000 copies of his new novel Perfidia.
Circle Cinema's Chuck Foxen listens as novelist James Ellroy describes his new book; Perfidia
Circle Cinema’s Chuck Foxen listens as novelist James Ellroy describes his new book; Perfidia


Videodrone Episode 12 – Nymphomaniac & Wetlands

On this week’s Videodrone Tulsa podcast special guest Claire Edwards joins us to discuss feminism, female archetypes in hollywood, Lars Von Trier’s controversial Nymphomaniac 1 & 2 and the equally controversial Wetlands, which will be coming to Tulsa’s Circle Cinema November 14 & 15.

It will be a lively discussion, lines will be crossed, taboos pierced and drinks had. So queue us up, download us and enjoy.

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Show Notes

Videodrone Episode 11 – Zero Twins

This week’s episode, the Videodrone Crew sit down to discuss Terry Gilliam’s latest sic-fi allegory The Zero Theorem and fall down a rabbit-hole of movie showtime ignorance. Then they discuss Craig Johnson’s new film The Skeleton Twins, starring Kristin Wiig and Tulsa’s own Bill Hader Jr. in his first dramatic starring role.

The Zero Theorem is currently showing at The Circle Cinema

The Skeleton Twins opens at The Circle on September 26th.


Open: 00:30
The Zero Theorem: 01:10
Skeleton Twins: 36:28

Videodrone Episode 10 – Overground Film Festival

This week we recap the red hot action that was the Tulsa Overground Film Festival, what we loved, what we didn’t as well as some sound bytes and music from the after party featuring New Orleans very own #KateyRed.

Then we recap the lackluster Summer Box Office and posit the question: Was it a lack of quality or an abundance of similarity? Find out.

Show Notes:

Intros: 00:00

Tulsa Overground Recap: 01:00

Interview With Katey Red: 35:00

Box Office Slump: 43:00

Overground Highlights

Friday Films

That BEAT:

We Will Live Again:

road kill zoo:

All’s Fair:

Saturday Films



MIAMI 1996:


Sunday Films




THE HIGH FIVE:…ntion-glenn-burke/

Box Office Slump Articles:…aused-728367

Videodrone Episode 9 – Far Western

Show Notes:

Today we are joined by James Payne and Matt Leach, the filmmakers behind Far Western, a music-fueled, character-driven documentary film about Japan’s history and obsession with American country music that is currently in production.

They discuss the subject of their unique documentary as well as their active Kickstarter campaign.

About the Filmmakers:

Matt Leach: Matt is a filmmaker whose work has played at SXSW, On MTV and MTV2, he has been a producer and director at This Land Press and most recently he produced the documentary This May Be The Last Time directed by Sterlin Harjo.

James Payne: James is a man of many credits and skills, A Producer, Director, Sound Mixer, he’s produced many films including Okie Noodling, Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo, and Winnebago Man, he’s also directed The independent Lens Documentary The Creek runs Red.

Contribute to their film here:
check out the film website here: or

Videodrone Episode 8 – The Knick & Anticipated Fall Movies

This week, We discuss the new Cinemax TV series The Knick, Steven Soderbergh’s pseudo-return from retirement, as well as some of our most anticipated fall movies. Also, healthy and back in the saddle, Joe share’s his top 5 Robin Williams performances.

Show Notes:

Chapter Guide:
Open & Joe’s Top 5 Robin Williams Performances: 00:00
The Knick Discussion & Steven Soderbergh: 11:41
Anticipated Fall Movies: 43:37

Steven Soderbergh’s State of Cinema speech:

Watch The Knick episode 1 online:

Anticipated Movies Trailers

Gone Girl:
Left Behind:
Dear White People:
Men, Women & Children:

Videodrone Episode 7 – Sterlin Harjo

This week we have filmmaker Sterlin Harjo sitting in with us. We discuss his filmography to date, the challenges of making films in Oklahoma and some of his favorite memories from attending the Sundance Film Festival. He also joins in as we list our Top 5 favorite Robin Williams performances and finally we discuss Richard Linklater’s highly anticipated Boyhood.

Show Notes:

1. 00:00 – Conversation with Sterlin Harjo
2. 47:20 – Robin Williams Top 5 performances
3. 1:08:00 – Boyhood Discussion

Videodrone Episode 6 – Josh Emanuel

This week we talk with Filmmaker Josh Emanuel, who gained notoriety for his submission to the ABCs Of Death anthology film; M is For Mario, and it’s life after submitting. He also discusses his frequent visits to Austin’s Fantastic Fest, Harry Knowles annual Butt-Numb-A-Thon as well as his appreciation for Paul W.S. Anderson films.

Show Notes: M is For Mario: M is for Mario: from Hardly Sound: on Vimeo:

Armond White review:

Videodrone Episode 5 – Crawl Or Die

This week we welcome special guests Oklahoma Ward and Nicole Alonso, creators behind the Made In Oklahoma film Crawl Or Die. Our guests discuss a wide range of topics; Filming in OK, the current state of our industry, influences, and Oklahoma’s single most important advice to filmmakers.